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iDeals Virtual Data Room

iDeals is one of the world’s leading providers of virtual data rooms and bespoke software solutions for secure corporate data sharing. Operating from London since 2008, iDeals has established the reputation thanks to the unbeatable list of features and tools within the VDR, overall intuitive ease of use, and industry-leading physical and cloud data security features. Some of the industries benefitting from iDeals’ expertise include investment banking, life sciences, real estate, and legal.

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Intralinks Dealspace

IntraLinks was one of the first Virtual Data Rooms on the market. Online rooms of this provider are successfully used by thousands of companies from different business areas

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Merrill Datasite

This U.S.-based data room provider is traditionally used by global enterprises who prefer to have an in-house deployment of data room and file sharing infrastructure, which also reflects in pricing. Along with DataSite, the provider enables connection to other platforms as Bridge, Connect, and DPA. All of these can be set up and running in less than 2 hours, according to the company. Real-time access audit and comprehensive reports give the clients complete data on the data room usage, while exhaustive audit trail shows activity inside the data room for each user, including every document viewed, commented on or downloaded.

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How to we achieve this? We interview and survey IT professionals and business decision makers from all over the world, particularly those that are familiar with using top virtual data rooms during their deals. They evaluate their current data room provider considering such factors as functionality, service uptime, access and at a security, and the quality of customer service. We analyze the feedback which is then reflected in the ratings and the list  you see on our website. If you are curious why we haven’t surveyed all 140 data room services, it’s mainly due to our minimum  requirements policy stipulating which best data room providers make it to the list.

Our data room reviews span the best virtual data room providers, with iDeals maintaining its spot as the highest rated in the industry in 2017. Of course, there are more than 140 data room providers globally, but most of IT professionals surveyed, as well as those working in investing banking, typically trust one of these top providers. Could they be wrong? Quite possibly. We’ll return to this question shortly.

There are many options for data room service packages which can be both confusing and overwhelming, so we set out to find the absolute best data room for 2018.

While we came up with a solid winner, we also understand that not everyone wants the same thing from his or her data room service provider, so we recommend that you check out our data room provider reviews and compare package and pricing information.

We know that every one of us is unique, so we surveyed both current and past clients researching what companies typically expect from their data room provider. Of course, every dealmaker has his or her budgets and favourite tools, but they also have different opinions on the typical uptime, ease of data upload, quality of indexing, convenience of Q&A, and other features offered by a data room.

We came up with the best data room reviews from five most common types of users, then we went ahead and broke those down by pricing. In addition to the nearly 100% uptime and ease of use, iDeals remained the data room company in this year’s rating to earn five stars for their level of  customer service (and we must note that is the area in which this provider has earned a consistent reputation every year) and the scope of security, as well as data room pricing. It was joined by Merrill Datasite on top rankings for uptime as well as  ease of use, and by Intralinks for their reliable performance.

So, which virtual data room  sis the best for you? Check out our report and see who among top data providers made it to this year’s ratings. But before you make up your mind we have also included some helpful resources if you would like to earn more on how virtual data room keeps your data secure and what you must to keep in mind when choosing a provider.


Users Reviews

Capterra team have been there for us since day one. We have been very satisfied with the fast reliable installation and very little if any down time. Capterra team is dedicated to their product and are constantly improving it.

Testimonial Avatar Stanly


iDeals has flattened the learning curve when it comes to secure data storing and sharing. Their virus scanning provides an extra peace of mind, while reliable backups and easy to use management tools are making it much easier for us to manage our data. We save time, money, so we can focus our team on closing our deals quicker. iDeals has been a great partner, actively listening and responding to our needs as a customer. Their support is simply outstanding, attentive and dedicated to providing timely help.

Testimonial Avatar JQ


iDeals virtual data room service streamlines the entire data uploading and sharing process. The automated backup scheduling not only saved us on a few occasions, but provides some peace of mind with its reliability and ease of management. I signed up for a free trial, but I’ve stuck with the platform and upgraded to the paid service because of its ease of use, reliability, and features save me time every day.

Testimonial Avatar Andrew