Box Virtual Data Room


Initially a more secure version of Dropbox, Box data room has evolved into a data room with a flair towards the mobile workspace. While it still serves as a centralized data repository for the entire enterprise, complete with best-in-class security and versatile collaboration tools, it also enables businesses to collaborate and communicate operate more quickly across all business units, ensuring everyone is at the same page, while maintaining the security of the data to keep projects running at top speed. Over 275,000 businesses across the globe trust Box to store, share and communicate on corporate data.

While being more on a consumer side when it comes to functionality, Box still provides enough tools and services for security management and control functionality. It was designed to deliver a secure data-sharing environment and store enterprise data in such a way that it meets both corporate data security protocols and state-enforced compliance requirements. Box data room integrates with Outlook, Microsoft Office365, and Google Docs. When offline, documents are uploaded to the user’s desktop. 24/7 security and flexible payment plans make it easier for SMEs and agencies to afford and adopt Box instead of they consumer-style file sharing systems and email.