This data room provider is, in fact, a financial institution with over 145 years of history working in the financial services industry, so no wonder these VDR are developed with financial deals in mind. Venue is a 256-bit encrypted, complete secure file sharing solution allowing its clients to store, share and collaborate on highly confidential information beyond corporate firewalls. This way, the deal-related information is shared with bidders, investors, legal teams and other deal-involved audiences. This is a secure VDR of choice trusted by the top financial services, business and legal enterprises all over the world.

Venue has a wide range of data management and security features. It requires no downloads of its software and is so easy to use, there is virtually no learning curve. However, it only has 4 levels of user access security — document, application, personnel, and infrastructure. The provider has its servers located across continents to maximize speed and redundancy, and the data room itself can be translated into 11 languages. Standard 24/7/365 customer support and flexible deployment options are also available. The data room is compatible with EDGAR filing, XBRL, ActiveDisclosure, and other services.

A questionable feature is Google search capability for the data room content — not many dealmakers would appreciate the idea of Google’s search robots accessing some of the most confidential corporate data.