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This U.S.-based data room provider is traditionally used by global enterprises who prefer to have an in-house deployment of data room and file sharing infrastructure, which also reflects in pricing. Along with DataSite, the provider enables connection to other platforms as Bridge, Connect, and DPA. All of these can be set up and running in less than 2 hours, according to the company. Real-time access audit and comprehensive reports give the clients complete data on the data room usage, while exhaustive audit trail shows activity inside the data room for each user, including every document viewed, commented on or downloaded.

The VDR functionality offered by Merrill exceeds some of the industry standards as it provides all the expected tools and functions, such as secure file sharing, convenient storage, integration with software, intuitive navigation, in addition to multiple communication tools.  The data room also offers contract management functionality as well as enterprise mobility management. All of these functions helps to improve collaboration, speed up due diligence, maintain secure document storage, and safeguard intellectual rights holders’ assets inside the secure virtual data room. Merrill Datasite claims it has processed more than two billion document pages. Other rather extraordinary claim is that “only” Merrill provides customer support 24/7/365 support in 14 languages — however, this standard service option is common for most data room providers these days.